RFY Drone Program

The Robotics for Youth Drone Program was founded in 2018. Our mission is to introduce and encourage young students to get experience in the ever-growing drone industry. Our drone program motivates young students to solve real world problems through the use of drones.

Drones will become a very important part of human life in coming years. Drones save lives! Whether they could be delivering medical supplies to rural cities in Africa or guiding first responders through a mountain, they are extremely helpful in completing these tasks with less risk. Drones have also proved to be useful in disaster relief. During the aftermath of hurricanes and earthquakes, drones have been used to assess damage, locate victims, and deliver aid. In addition, drones are a fun route into STEM. STEM is usually associated with robots, but drones are equally important.

We have two programs under RFY Drone Program: Drone Competition and Build-a-Drone.

Current Programs