About us

Robotics for Youth

Inspiring Minds and Empowering Youth in STEM.

Robotics For Youth (RFY) is a non profit organization (501c(3)) led by youth with the aim of promoting STEM amongst school children. It’s started out as a small venture and today RFY has over 80 active student volunteers promoting the organization's vision through expos, competitions and classes.

  • Kids teach other kids.
  • Support all FIRST and WRO programs.
  • Leadership and project management opportunities.
  • Inspiring kids through customized EXPOS.
  • Education including programming (EV3 and Java)

Why we do it?

RFY firmly believes in giving opportunities to school age children to test their interest in robotics while giving our volunteers an opportunity to learn through teaching others. We promote all activities under the First program, from mentoring to scrimmages preparing Northern Virginia teams for competition at state and national levels. We also partner with World Robotics Olympiad to host the VA,MD, DC championship. We encourage all students to give back to your communities through volunteer work. If you are especially passionate about STEM and specifically robotics, join today! You will certainly grow and learn through your work with us and the leadership opportunities we offer. Any volunteering you do through our organization can help you earn volunteer hours for school and your future college applications.

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