Rishabh Venketesh

Rishabh is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. He has participated in FIRST, a STEM-based organization, for nearly five years as a participant and mentor for both First Lego League and First Tech Challenge teams. He is currently participating in First Robotics as part of his school’s team. He has had extensive experience with Computer Aided Design (CAD), and has a strong background in various programming languages such as RobotC, Java, and Python. He will be in charge of the CAD and Arduino courses available on this site.

Bharath Maniraj

Bharath is a freshman at Fairfax High School. Bharath has had 4 years of experience with FIRST and has mentored his brothers team for 4 years. He has experience in CAD and Robot C. Bharath has participated in OotM and has went to the Worlds competition where his team places 17th out oh 55 teams in his division. He will be in charge of the Arduino courses available on this site.

Pranav Sukumaran

Pranav is an 8th grader at River Bend Middle School. He has participated in First Lego League (FLL) for 2 years and his team, the Cascades Thunderbots, has gone to the VA State Tournament both times. Currently he is mentoring three FLL teams, one of which has gone to the 2015 Virginia State FLL tournament.

Anisha Krishnan

Anisha is a 9th grader at John Champe. She has participated in OotM, where she was in charge of developing a video game as one of the challenges. She has experience with programming languages such as Python, creating games, and is currently learning Ruby and Java. She will be in charge of the Raspberry Pi courses available on this site.

Karthika Pai

Karthika is a senior currently pursuing a dual BS/MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Davis. She has experience with Python and HTML/CSS, as well as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Ryan Paul

Ryan is an 8th grader at Nolan Ryan Junior High, Pearland, TX. Ryan is interested in programming and currently learning JAVA. He is very excited about the novel concept of this Robotics for Youth program and looking forward to be an active member of this group.

Samisha Suresh

Samisha Suresh is a 9th grader at John Champe High School in Aldie, Virginia. She has participated in FLL competitions, OM (Odyssey of the Mind), and is now participating in Science Olympiad. In Odyssey of the Mind, she had to create a video game with a team to present at the competition. Additionally, she has experience with EV3 and programming. She is currently learning Java and Python. In Robotics for Youth, she will mainly help with the FLL and EV3 courses

Ronell Chakola

Ronell Chakola is a sophomore at Horizon Christian School and this is his third year as a programmer in the Vex robotics program. So far he have been to the Indiana state championship for the 2013 game, toss up, and vex worlds for the 2014 game, skyrise. He is able to use C, JavaScript, Html/CSS, a little bit of Python, and is learning CAD. He will be part of the Vex team on this site.

Gokul Varadan (Adithya)

Adithya Varadan is a junior at Chantilly High School he has 6 years of competitive robotics experience including FLL, FTC, and FRC, going to FLL world invitational and getting third place. He has been participating in Science Olympiad for more than 8 years consistently making it to the state tournament, and is also committed to tutoring students in STEM subjects.

Neha Bhat

Neha is an 8th grader at Nysmith School and has two years of FLL and NXT/EV3 experience. She also has programming experience with Python, Java, and RobotC. She has participated in Ecybermission for 3 years and participated in Science Olympiad for 1 year.

Vishnu Jeyaraj

Vishnu is an freshman at Chantilly High School and has three years of experience with FIRST Lego League (FLL) and NXT/EV3.  He has experience with Java and has used it along with Android Studio and J-Grasp. Vishnu has also had two years of Odyssey of the Mind experience and has achieved 12th place in the world championships with his team. He is currently involved with FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC) as part of of his school team.

Basith Faizal

Basith is a 8th grader at River Bend middle school. He has 2 years experience with FLL and Ev3. He has experience with NXT as well. He has went to the FLL state championship twice. He is currently doing Science olympiad and Ecybermission.

Neha Rajeev

Neha Rajeev is an 8th grader at Mercer Middle School. She is very enthusiastic about robotics and wants to pursue robotic engineering as her career. She has participated in OotM for 5 years. Neha has competed in FLL for 3 years, and has won regional and state level prizes. She is currently learning Python programming for Raspberry Pi, and Java programming for Android.

Bhavna Prakash