What is Educate-a-Youth?

Our mission is to inspire and educate our youth through STEM-based learning. We believe in a positive learning environment that encourages entrepreneurship and self-reliance. Empowering youths who show an active interest in STEM and preparing our youth for their future is what we are all about. We believe that in today’s ever-changing technical world, it is an important mission to assist students in the certification of the latest technologies and support them as they look at post-graduation plans. Through RFY Education, we want to build a community of internship-ready youths that have built knowledge and a portfolio for their future career. Our programs use entrepreneurship and a focus-driven approach to teach the kids how to overcome challenges and build their competence and self-reliance in many different areas.

Current Classes

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Our AWS Cloud Practicioner classroom provides high school and undergraduate students with a new set of tools prior to entering the workforce. Amazon Web Services certifications are highly sought after by employers in a variety of industries. There are over 90 distinct services that make it the biggest cloud solution provider across all enterprise segments. This course is a pathway for candidates to become certified and covers foundational cloud computer concepts. Candidates will learn about cloud computing and how it differs from traditional data centers. Next, they will review the core AWS services that are covered in the exam. We will provide advising for taking the actual certification exam including test tips and strategies. As a continuation fo the course, we are working on releasing the courseware for AWS Dev Ops that specializes in Internet of Things.

Data Science

Our course line in data sciences will introduce Python and data science algorithms. The course will serve as a comprehensive introduction to advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. For elementary and middle school students we are also hosting a series of workshops at the Brambleton Library. This is a high-level course which mainly focuses on teaching the basics of the Raspberry Pi OS and the Python language. Students will be involved in a variety of small projects that range from making games to programming robots.

We are looking to expand our programs to include this year depending on community interest. Some of our educational programs being discussed include a Jumpstart to Python for Data Science class, AWS Dev Ops for IoT, AWS Cloud Practitioner II and Career mentoring and Preparation.