Build-a-Drone is a program under the RFY Drone Program where a team of students build a drone to solve a real-life problem. The objective of the Build-a-Drone program is to research a real-life problem and build a solution using the drone technology. The team is currently building a drone from scratch that will assist in assessing the damage caused by the hurricanes by capturing the images of the area before and after the hurricane and analyze the data to determine the severity of the damage. Drones are increasing in importance nowadays, and it is really important to introduce this new and uprising technology and provide opportunities to the youth to immerse into this technology at a young age.

Our Team

Ashwin Kuruttukulam

Mentor of the RFY Build-a-Drone Program

Siddharth Tibrewala

Junior at Chantilly High School

Pranav Sukumaran

Freshman at Virginia Tech

Ahalya Anil

8th Grader at Brambleton Middle School

Joshua Manuel

Junior at Chantilly High School

Contact Us

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