Here is a list of advisory board of directors.

Dr. Thomas Snitch

Dr. Thomas Snitch is the CEO of Little Falls Associates, an international management and consulting firm dedicated to solving difficult scientific and technology challenges in Asia and Africa.

He holds his PhD and MA from The American University in mathematical international economics and his BA in Chinese from Bowling Green State University.  Dr. Snitch has a Master’s in Japanese from Reitaku University and completed his post-doctoral work in nuclear reactor physics at Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Over the past 5 years, he has pioneered the use of high resolution imagery satellites, mathematical modeling and unmanned aviation vehicles (UAVs) to counter elephant and rhino poaching.

Dr. Snitch has served at NASA, the National Academy of Sciences and the US Department of State. He recently spent 5 years as Chairman of the Board of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Vinod Veedu

Dr. Vinod Veedu currently serves Oceanit, a leading Engineering/Research and Development Company, as the Director of Strategic Initiatives, responsible for leading key Initiatives for the corporate business and strategy.

He earned MS and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University (2003) and University of Hawaii, respectively (2006).

Prior to joining Oceanit, Dr. Veedu worked at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Nanotechnology Center and at the Hawaii Nanotechnology Lab. In 2006, Dr. Veedu joined Oceanit as Senior Nanotechnology Engineer, leading Materials Science related efforts for the company. Dr. Veedu is an active researcher in the area of nano composite materials. His research is targeted towards developing multi functional nano structures and hybrid platforms for various commercial and defense applications.

He has more than 25 approved/pending US patents. His works have received wide acceptance in the nanotechnology community. In 2007, he became part of the Guinness Book of World records for the creation of the smallest nanobrush. In 2008, Dr. Veedu began hosting his own TV show called “Weird Science with Dr. V”, on  CBS/NBC affiliate channel. Dr. Veedu also serves the NASA Space Center in Houston as Technical Adviser and he also supports the Houston Technology Center as Energy Adviser. Since 2011, Dr. Veedu has been serving Rice University as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science department.

In 2014, Dr. Veedu was selected as one of the seven Innovation Ambassadors by AAAS and Lemelson Foundation. 

Ravikumar Veerasamy

Ravikumar Veerasamy is a leader in IT industry, currently serving as Sr. Program Manager at Lockheed Martin Corporation. He is a recognized Senior Full Spectrum Leader within the corporation. Mr. Veerasamy is experienced and specialized to work on federal contracts & programs. He is currently assigned to work on one of Lockheed Martin’s large contract programs in Washington D.C area. He is currently serving as Portfolio Program Manager, managing a portfolio of USA Government’s eCommerce and supply chain management programs that transacts a business of about $10B+ annually. With his current leadership, he is managing revenue of about $22M+ annually with about 90+ employees.

He previously held a variety of increasingly responsible technical and management positions, including Chief Architect, Project Manager, Capture Manager, Proposal Manager and Program Manager for various leading IT solution provider companies in the Washington D.C Metro area. Prior joining to Lockheed Martin, he had worked for Computer Technology Associates, Unisys Corporation and Serco Inc.

Ravi earned a bachelor degree in Computer Science & Engineering from India; and he is also certified with PMP and ITIL.