AWS DevOps

DevOps describes a culture and set of processes that bring development and operations teams together to complete software development. It allows organizations to create and improve products at a faster pace than they can with traditional software development approaches, and it's gaining popularity at a rapid rate.
AWS DevOps concepts are introduced in this class in 10 weeks. The class is focused on:

  • Hands on with Multi Tier Configuration Setup with ELB, EBS, RDS, S3 and Autoscaling
  • Environment setup with Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CICD
  • Automation setup using the AWS Cloudformation
  • AWS Monitoring, Audit and managing KMS
  • AWS Integration and Messaging
  • Use Case with AW SQS, SNS, Kinesis, Firehose and Analytics
  • AWS Serverless Architecture
  • AWS Serverless Application Model
  • Use Case with AWS Lambda and Gateway
  • AWS Serverless: Dynamo DB
  • AWS Container Architecture
  • Use case with AWS Docker Container Setup
  • AWS Advanced Services
  • AWS SageMaker Introduction
  • AWS IOT Services
  • AWS Analytics
The goal is to prepare the students for the next level of AWS SysOps Associate Certification.


Mr. Umashankar Palani

He has had 10 years of architecting applications, being as technical lead, with significant exposure to J2EE, .Net, and open source technologies on linux and cloud platforms using amazon web services, pivotal cloud foundry and openstack. He is also engaged in projects for proof of concept, software prototyping, technology evaluation etc. He has experience in choosing the best fit Sql/NoSql databases, design and development. He also has experience in devops automation with continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD). He has experience in designing data quality program which involves data discovery, analysis and governance. Lastly, he has experience working in agile and leading scrum projects along with collaborating with IT delivery team.


Mr. Venketesh Subramony

He has experience in Leading Applications Development for infrastructure and business functions, and Process design efforts and improvements to information systems. He specializes in direct applications strategy and requirements development with key business owners and stakeholders. He currently works at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a Senior Director, Application Development.


Mr. Saravanan Subramani

He is an IT Professional with experience in Enterprise Networking and Security systems engineering. He is currently working at The George Washington University as a Senior Network Engineer in the Systems Engineering team.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps


The classes are held on Sundays at 10:00am - 11:30am with some additional sessions over the course of the week. These additional sessions include labs performed on the AWS console where the students learn about how to implement and use the topics and services learned in class.


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If you have any questions you can contact the director, Mr. Venketesh Subramony, at