Welcome to Robotics For Youth!

Robotics for youth is a non profit organization and our mission is to give awareness and mentor robotics clubs and teams. We are a group of young engineers who have many years of experience in FLL, FTC, FRC combined. We are a STEM ambassadorship for robotics engineering and we are reaching out to different schools to increase awareness in Robotics and it’s applications in the real world. We are also reaching out to experts and major scientists in the field of robotics to come and give speeches to the community. We are in the process of developing one on one and web lessons to kids about robot design and programming. We hope to increase Stem-literacy in the community.

We Mentor Kids in the following areas

STEAM Activities.

Competitions such as FLL, FRC, FTC and VEX.

Techonolgy such as EV3, NXT, Arduino, VEX and Raspberry Pi.

Our Skill Set

  • FLL, FRC, FTC and VEX.
  • EV3/NXT.
  • Arduino/Raspberry PI.
  • VEX
  • And Many more